Fitness Rabbi offers personal training and nutrition planning services in the Greater Toronto Area. You may book a free training and assessment session with the Fitness Rabbi and see how you can reach your wellness goal.

Personal Training

One on one training to achieve optimal results. I will train you to gain muscle, shred body fat, build stamina, and strengthen your core. Most important heal the mind & body.

Nutrition Planning

I will customize a nutritional meal plan that will incorporate fiber-rich foods, vegetables, whole grains, Lean protein, and healthy fats to increase energy levels and shred body fat.

Corporate Fitness

Wellness programs for you and your team! Get fit, energetic and clear minded with exercises that suit your busy schedule - which can be done at your office with the Fitness Rabbi.

Group Training

Invite Fitness Rabbi to train with a friend, family member or partner to increase your motivation and inspiration by surrounding yourself with others like you! You'll find yourself pushing harder and working smarter.

Fitness Boxing

Excellent aerobic exercise that will engage both your upper and lower body. Trains cardiovascular strength and builds endurance, helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.